Strengthening Communities by Gathering and
Organizing Information about Public Meetings.

Meeting Organizers: Engage Your Constituents

Quickly transform your existing website into a modern communication platform. Your website should support your mission, not be an obstacle to promoting your work.
Powerful Features
  • Display upcoming meetings on your website.
  • Publish meeting documents online.
  • Create dedicated meeting pages to promote via social media.
  • Enable meeting notifications.
  • Display group membership information.
Easy to Use
  • Enter meeting data using intuitive forms.
  • Delegate data entry and document publishing to avoid the IT bottleneck.
  • Integrate a table of meetings into your website using cut and paste.
  • Consult with the responsive customer support team.
Figuring out how to display meeting information online is not your organization's mission. Outsource that technical challenge to and focus on the reasons you hold meetings in the first place.

Civic-Minded Individuals: Get Involved

Communities need participation and input from their residents and other stakeholders. Keeping current with local meetings is easy when organizers utilize
Create a Free Personal Account
  • Sign up using an email address.
  • Confirm the account after signup.
  • Browse past and future meetings.
  • Access the contact info of your representatives.
Customize Your Experience
  • Follow the groups that interest you.
  • Receive notifications about new meetings, updated meetings, and newly published documents.
  • Create a custom meeting calendar.
Public engagement is not a zero-sum game. When a critical mass of local organizations all publish on the benefits grow exponentially. Tell the organizations you want to follow to consider using the site!

How it Works: Register Online and Get Started Now! is a subscription service that charges meeting organizers a fee to publish meeting information.
As much as we believe in our mission and would like to offer this service for free, it does cost money to host, maintain, and improve. We have to charge a subscription fee to offset the costs, but we try to make the fee fair and affordable to organizations of all sizes.
Right now we're offering new subscribers 90 days free, and then a discounted price of just $20 per group per year. If your organization only has one group that holds public meetings, then you only pay $20 per year. An organization with 5 groups pays $100 per year.
We normally charge $200 per group per year, so the current offer is a 90% discount. We bill quarterly via credit card.

Join the Cause!

You can help make meetings, and meeting information, more accessible to the public!
Participate in Public Meetings? If you are an elected official, appointee, or volunteer for a body that holds public meetings, then sign your organization up for and begin publishing.
Run a Website? If you run a website focused on your community, then publish an automatically up-to-date list of local meetings for your readers.
Attend Public Meetings? Whether you attend a lot of public meetings, or just want to keep track of one specific group, then can help. Sign up for a free account and encourage the organization(s) you follow to publish their meetings and documents on the service.
Want More Transparency? If you want more public transparency in your life, then reach out to an organization and offer to pay the subscription fee on their behalf.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel by building a custom publishing platform. provides a complete solution on a subscription basis - saving time and money. Getting started is as simple as signing up and pasting our provided code onto your current website.
Contact us at for more details.

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