Getting Started

Register your organization and get started with the 90 day free trial.
Registering your organization
  • When naming your organization in, be sure to include a city and state so that people know that they've found the right one. There are many towns named "Springfield" in the United States.
  • requires automated invoicing via credit card, so you need to enter your billing information in order to begin using the site.
  • After the 90 date trial ends, the card will be billed quarterly based on the number of groups in the organization.
  • Credit card information, and the associated email address, can be updated at any time.
Follow these steps to get your organization's meeting information online quickly.
Gather the basic information for each group
  • When and where does the group meet?
  • Which documents should be published?
  • Who are the members of the group?
  • How were the members added to the group?
With a group's information in hand, here are the steps to fill out its page.
Create the Group
  • Navigate to the Organization page.
  • Select "Add Group" on the Organization page.
  • Enter the Group details and submit the form.
Add Meetings to the Group
  • Navigate to the Group page.
  • Select "Add Meeting" from the Group page.
  • Enter the Meeting details and submit the form.
Add Documents to the Meeting
  • Navigate to the Meeting page.
  • Select "Add Document" from the Meeting page.
  • The Name of the Document will be displayed in
  • Browse for the the file to upload. Note that the file must be a PDF.
  • Selecting a file will begin the upload process. If the upload succeeds, then the progress bar with say "Upload Complete" with a green background.
  • Submit the form to finalize the upload.
Add People to the Organization
  • Navigate to the Organization page.
  • Select "Add Person" on the Organization page.
  • Enter the first person's details and submit the form.
  • Continue adding the remaining people to the organization.
Add Members to the Group
  • Navigate to the Group page.
  • Select "Add Member" from the Group page.
  • Select the person you would like to add using the dropdown box. Note that the dropdown box contains all the people added to the organization. If the person you are looking for is not included, then confirm that they have been added to the organization as described above.
  • Enter the Membership details and submit the form.
Remove Members from the Group
  • Navigate to the Group page.
  • Select the Member from the Member table.
  • Members that have completed their term, or resigned early, should be updated to note the end of their term. Members that were mistakenly added to a group should be deleted.
  • Note that Members are not automatically removed from the group when their term expires, as many groups allow members to hold over. Members are automatically removed from the Group once they pass their "Term End" date.
  • Use the "Update Member" link on the Member page to set the end of a member's term.
  • Use the "Delete Member" link on the Member page to permanently delete a Member.
Administration tasks can be easily delegated throughout your organization.
Granting administration powers
  • Identify the appropriate individuals to oversee each group.
  • Enter each individual as a "person" within the organization. Note that the person entry must include the email address that they will use to log into
  • Instruct the individual to create an account on the site using the same email address.
  • Navigate to the Organization page and follow the "Show Admins" link.
  • Follow the "Add Admins" link.
  • Select the individual to be granted administrative rights based on their email address.
  • Submit the form. Note that before an individual can be granted administrative rights, they must have been added as a Person to the Organization on the site (in order to appear in the dropdown), AND they must have created an account on with the same email address (in order to link their login to the new rights).
Integrating into your website is simple.
Link to
  • Navigate to your Organization's main page on the site.
  • Copy the URL from the browser.
  • Add a link to your Organization's website.
Display Upcoming Meetings
  • Choose a page on your current website on which to display the meeting table.
  • Follow these instructions to copy-paste code.
  • Adjust the parameters to match your organization.
Reach out to us at with questions about how to use the site.

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