City of Hartford, CT

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03-18-2019 at 7:00pm City Council Public Hearing Meeting Documents
03-20-2019 at 2:00pm Internal Audit Commission Internal Audit Commission Meeting Documents
03-25-2019 at 7:00pm City Council Regular Meeting  
03-26-2019 at 6:00pm Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Park and Recreation Advisory Meeting March 2019 Meeting Documents
04-02-2019 at 6:00pm Commission for Refugee & Immigrant Affairs (CRIA) APRIL (Executive) Meeting  
04-03-2019 at 11:30am Tree Advisory Commission Tree Advisory Commission April 2019  
04-08-2019 at 6:00pm City Council: Committee of the Whole Public Comment  
04-08-2019 at 7:00pm City Council Regular Meeting  
04-09-2019 at 5:00pm Ethics Commission Regular Meeting  
04-09-2019 at 5:30pm Advisory Commission on the Environment ACOTE Apr 2019 Meeting